Want to create a free WiFi Hotspot on your laptop or WiFi enabled computer?

Now a days everyone wants to access the internet  on mobile phones, tablets or more than one laptop or computer in their home, but it is quite difficult to have separate Internet connection for each device. A WiFi Hotspot is a perfect solution for this problem.

A WiFi hotspot works when you are connected on wired internet connection or a data card connection, and you want to share it through WiFi, so that your WiFi enabled devices can connect with the hotspot and access Internet. WiFi Hotspot allows you to connect more than one WiFi enabled device at a time. you can use  this WiFi hotspot to access internet on mobiles, tablets, IPads, laptops, computers. you can update or install new softwares on your smart phones or tablet, and you can use apps that need internet access like social networking apps.

This WiFi Hotspot is portable,  you can have your personal hotspot that installed on your laptop and where ever your laptop go your WiFi hotspot is always there, you can use your data card and share Internet with WiFi.

So today in this post I am going to introduce a WiFi Hotspot software, Winhotspot is a free Wifi hotspot software that allows you to create free WiFi Hotspot on your laptop or WiFi enabled computer.

You are just few steps away to create your personal WiFi hotspot, So follow the step.

1. Download Virtual Wi-Fi Router, Winhotspot here.

2. Now install the downloaded software on your system.

3. once the software is installed on your system you will see a box.


5. Enter the your Hotspot name, choose any name according to you.

6. Enter password for your hotspot, choose it carefully try to use both alphabets and numbers in your password this will make your password safe.

7. Then select which internet you want to share on your WiFi hotspot.

8. Once you have completed all these steps just slide the Start seek on the right side, to start your hotspot and wait. it may take 3 to 6 seconds depends your system.

9. To stop your Wifi Hotspot you can slide Stop seek to the left side of the same box.

NOTE: To use this software your system need Microsoft dot net framework 4.5 or newer installed, if you don’t have  Microsoft dot net framework 4.5 download it here.

Now enjoy Internet access on wifi by your personal Hotspot.







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