We all heard word Paypal many times, but most of the people have no idea about Paypal.

The first question that comes in every person’s mind is what is Paypal and second question how it works. In this article I will explain Paypal in detail and how it works.

Paypal in an international business website that allows users to pay and get paid online, safer and faster. Paypal was found on December 1998. Paypal can be used to send or receive payment, payment for online purchase of good and services. Paypal offers two types of accounts, Personal and Business. Basic Paypal accounts  are free and most transactions are also free that include all purchases from Paypal acceptable merchants.

Creating an account with Paypal is absolutely free. Once you create your account with Paypal you can send and receive funds in your Paypal account, and withdraw your funds in many ways. You can link your bank account, when your bank account is linked to your Paypal account, you can transfer your Paypal funds to your bank account.

Advantages of Paypal:

  • Paypal provides better security against online frauds.
  • Paypal offers fast transaction experience and saves valuable time.
  • Paypal allows you to send money abroad.
  • Paypal team offers fast resolution to all problems.

Now I am going to explain the process of Sign up for an Individual account with Paypal, follow the above steps to create your own Paypal account within few minutes.

1. Go to Paypal homepage, and click on the blue Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the Paypal home page window.

PayPal Homepage

PayPal Homepage

2. Select your country and click on get started yellow button under an account for individuals.

3. On the next page, the Paypal account registration form will appear on your screen you need to fill the required information carefully.

4. Once you have filled your details, read the User Agreement that is hyperlinked.

5.  Once you have finished with the reading user agreement, click on the yellow button that says Agree and Create an account.

6. On the next page a captcha will appear on your screen, enter that captcha in the given box and click on the continue yellow button.

7. On next page Paypal will ask you to enter your Debit/Credit card details, if you wish to link your card to your Paypal account, you may enter your card details and click on continue, if you don’t want to link your card with Paypal you can skip this step by clicking on go to my account under the continue button.

8. On  the next page,  link your Bank account with your Paypal account, you need to enter the following information:-

  • Your name that must match with your name on your PAN card name and your Bank account name.
  • Your bank full name.
  • NEFT IFSC code of your bank,  if you don’t  have an IFSC code of your bank you can find your code on here.
  • Your account number in bank.

9. Once you fill this information, click on the check box that says I would like this to be my auto withdrawal account.  This will ensure that the money you received on your Paypal account will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

10. On last step you have to add Purpose code, select this according to your work.

Within seven days you will receive two small amounts credited to your bank account.

Check your bank statement or same bank account debit card statement, when you see them login to your Paypal account and enter those amounts and confirm your account.

Once you are done with the following steps, Your Paypal account and ready for use. Now you can use Paypal account for safe and fast transitions.



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