Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, and number of new users of Chrome are increasing every day. Chrome provides fast web browsing experience with lots of useful extensions and apps that are available for free at the Chrome Store.



Nowadays we all use to bookmark our favorite websites and save our login username and password on Chrome to save time and efforts. But there is always a risk involved losing our saved bookmarks and password when we reinstall Chorme or may be windows due to any technical errors. Sometimes we work on more than one system, and we need our bookmarks and password when working on a different system.

So today I am going to show you an amazing sync feature of Chrome that will allow you to save your bookmarks, password, extensions, passwords, settings, themes, autofill information and browsing history.

Once you have saved them, you can use a sync all these with one click anywhere, anytime all around the globe on any system, and this sync will be fully secured as this sync is done with your Gmail ID. So no one can sync your Chrome stuffs without your Gmail ID and password.

This sync feature is simple and fast, you can sync all your bookmarks, passwords and all other stuffs in less than a minute.

Follow the steps to a sync account that will save all your Chrome bookmarks, passwords and all other Chrome settings:-

1. Click on the settings button at right upper side just under the close button, then click on the sign in into Chrome.

Chrome settings

Chrome settings

2. Sign in with your Gmail ID  and password, you can check mark Choose what to sync that will give you a list which you can check or uncheck stuffs you want to sync.

3. Once this sign in process completes your Gmail ID is setup with your Chrome for a sync  feature.

4. Now you can bookmark your favorite websites, save passwords on various websites, activate some extension and apps from Chrome store, change any settings of your Chrome all the work you will do on your Chrome will be saved in your Gmail ID automatically.

Now all your Chrome bookmarks, passwords, extensions, apps, all settings are saved in your Gmail ID.

Now when you need to sync all your Chrome bookmarks, password and other stuffs in any other system or maybe in the same system because you reinstalled your Chrome due to any reason.

In order to sync your bookmarks, passwords, and other Chrome settings and stuffs in just one click, click on sign in to Chrome with the same Gmail ID and password. In a few seconds a pop up will appear on your Chrome top saying you are signed in to Chrome.

Chrome Sign in pop up

Chrome Sign in pop up

If you click on OK, got it all your Chrome stuffs will be synced on your Chrome. You can choose specific stuffs also by clicking on advanced on the same pop up .

Advanced Sync settings

Advanced Sync settings

Once you sign in on Chrome all your activities are automatically saved, like bookmarks and password and all other stuffs.

So enjoy this amazing feature of Chrome, and never loose any of your bookmarks or passwords and settings of your Chrome web browser.


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